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I lack Photoshop!

Hear me roar!

Photoshopless Icons
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All Members , Moderated

Have you ever been afraid to post your icons because you lack photoshop? Or perhaps you have photoshop but lack the knowledge to create any fancy shmancy stuff? Be not afraid to post here! All icons are welcome here no matter how shitty you think they are, we really do care.

Can anyone join?

Yes. Yes they can.

Any restrictions?

No overly explicit porn images please.


If you have any interests you think should be listed here, don't hesitate to contact the mods daliahellyes and desertgoddess. Or if you have any other questions and/or concerns.


If all you do is spam, you are not welcome here.

Offtopics are welcome, just put 'offtopic' in the subject line.

Post all your icons behind the LJ cut tag. You may post one as a preview.

State whether the icons are for the taking or just display.

Happy iconage!

EDIT: New maintainer= caudebac